Dream Cards and Psychic Healing

November 7, 2006

Dream Cards Back to magic charms. A few posts back, I wrote about the growing popularity of magic charms and spells in the apostolic-prophetic movement, like a property cleansing kit that’s supposed to rid your property of curses (still listed as a “top-selling product” on the Elijah List). Well, yesterday, the Elijah List sent another e-mail advertising another product that has more in common with the occult than biblical Christianity.

Barbie Breathitt Headshot Dream Cards. That’s right. For $10 a piece, you can buy cards that list the meanings of common dream symbols, like different types of animals, people and places (pictured above). If you buy all 12 cards, you can even get a discount: $96. Brought to you by Barbie Breathitt, of Breath of the Spirit Ministries, Inc. (pictured here). Dream interpretation has never been easier.

If the dream cards aren’t bad enough, it gets worse. One of the cards has a chart that lists areas of the body along with colors and musical notes that are supposed to bring healing to those areas.

What? Where is the biblical basis for this practice?

Ellie Crystal Headshot There isn’t a biblical basis. The Elijah List doesn’t even try to give one in its ad. But there is an occult and New Age basis. See, for example, this New York psychic’s Web site (pictured here), where she lists colors and the areas of the body they heal. Or see the Psychic Healing Room, which also talks about the healing power of colors and music.

Of course, we see throughout the Bible that God does give people dreams, and He gives His people the ability to interpret the meanings of those dreams. But where in the Bible do we see anything like dream cards? The people who interpret dreams in Scripture, like Daniel and Joseph, are given supernatural insight from God. They certainly don’t consult cards to find generic symbolic meanings. Can you imagine Daniel saying, “Just one second, King Nebuchadnezzar. You said a statue? Well, according to this chart here, a statue represents …”?

And we certainly don’t see Daniel or Joseph creating cards with dream interpretations and selling them. This reminds me of Tarot cards.

What we do see is that both Daniel and Joseph make it clear that the source of their interpretations is God. See Genesis 40:8, 41:16; Daniel 2:17-23, 27-28.

As far as healing colors and sounds: well, of course, music and colors can affect people’s moods. For example, music can be soothing, and a pastel-painted room (like a soft blue) might be a more relaxing environment than a brightly painted room (like red). But this is far different than claiming that a certain color or musical note can bring healing to a specific organ or body part.

Steve Shultz Headshot It’s not my goal to pick on professing Christians, but people like Steve Shultz (pictured here) — the founder and publisher of the Elijah List — need to be called to account for their shameful promotion of such products. I believe true prophets of God (which Shultz claims to be) would be appalled by these dream cards.

The Elijah List e-mails are so full of unbiblical (and often harmful) teachings that I’ve decided to add a separate category on my blog that will focus just on this ministry. See the bar on the right side of my blog for the new category called “Elijah List.”